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Get a Hotel jobs in Japan: Recruitment in batches, the ruin of university students

Achievement : Hotel Jobs in Japan –  Job hunting is not easy, no matter what county you’re in. Japan, however, makes this particularly difficult with its “Rules for Job Search for University Students”. Students all over the world usually start looking for a job after or shortly before graduation, but Japanese students have to adapt to the so-called batch recruitment of Japanese companies, which means that they only try to hire graduates once a year, all at the same time. This means that many Japanese students are forced to look for work while still in college.

It is the Japan Business Federation that sets the date when the recruitment ban is officially lifted and the Japan job search season opens, but recently universities and their affiliates have begun to resist this practice, claiming that students’ job search activities last too long and therefore have a negative impact on their actual studies. In response to this, the program of this job search period has undergone frequent changes. For fiscal year 2017, corporate information sessions for third-year university students will begin in March, while actual projections will begin in June. Students are then scheduled to graduate in March of the following year and join their companies in April. According to a survey by Mynavi, a student job search site, the unofficial graduation rate for 2017 is 77.5%.
For university students, this recruitment system means an almost impossible balance between job search and academic work.

  • Which company to join? A ranking for job search
  • Which companies are particularly sought after by job seekers?

Segment Jobs are: 

  • For Student Visa
  • Permanent Visa
  • 5 Year fix Visa

1) Ajinomoto – a food and chemical company.
2) East Japan Railway Company – a railway company.
3) Shiseido – a multinational personal care company.
4) Toyota – a multinational automotive company.
5) Suntory – a group of brewing and distilling companies.

About Company:  

Clearly, the most popular companies for which university students would like to work are large, with thousands or tens of thousands of employees. In the social sciences, commercial companies, insurance companies, TV stations and advertising agencies were popular about 20-30 years ago, but today, this has clearly shifted to travel agencies and airlines. As far as the sciences are concerned, the companies that lead the popularity rankings are those that gave birth to the successful products of this era. Ajinomoto, for example, has expanded globally in recent years and is known for its low employee turnover rate.
Of course, the competition for jobs for these popular companies is huge. Thus, not only is the popularity of a company measured, but such a company sometimes has a so-called employment deviation value, which measures how difficult it is to find a real job.

By the way, a 2016 study by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare found that the average initial monthly starting salary for graduates is 206,900 yen (~1,835 dollars) for large companies with over 1,000 employees, 201,100 yen (~1,784 dollars) for medium-sized companies with between 100 and 999 employees, and 199,100 yen (~1,766 dollars) for small companies with less than 100 employees.

Hotel Jobs in JapanJob hunting in Hotel jobs in Japan: Important keywords
The job search in Japan is a system full of rules and mechanisms of all kinds – all of them involve potential nuisance and problems for university students looking for work.

The “Recruit Suit” is a special set of standardized formal clothing that is worn by college students looking for work, sold in specialty stores and depar

tment stores. Men generally match a white shirt with a black or dark blue dress, while women dress in a knee-length skirt and smooth leather shoes with a 3 to 5 centimeter heel.

Men’s hair is neat and short, women’s hair is kept naturally black and usually tied backwards, with natural makeup that goes with

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