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Electrical Technician Job Vacancy in Qatar 2018 latest job APPLY NOW

A set of job responsibilities

Work composes :                                               Full time work
Location  :                                                               Doha Area, Qatar
Departments:                                                       Design and Support Division
Language                                                                 English bids
Starting :                                                                  Time allows as early as possible
Payment extension is  :                                    Not specified
Accommodation:                                                  Not indicated
Individual benefits:                                               Not indicated


Take care of the minimum number of responses to the business and the demands of the visitors, talk to visitors / customers to identify maintenance issues. Support the prevention of kitchen appliances and mechanical room gears including cleaning and oil. Assessment of hardware, hardware or machinery

Transfer the device (such as device and radio) Identify, find, close and close all the features for all the valves for the hardware. Stay updated with stock maintenance and demand parts and supplies as needed and repeat issues that jump in alternative movements using exercise and approved correspondence projects and measures. Ability to obtain information in categories related to Basic Education or: Basic, with or without ventilation, cooling, electrical, mechanical, pipeline and frame pneumatic / electronic control, carpentry and full capacity, kitchen equipment, vehicle and important, besides a large building. Show.

All surface dressings, painting, minor driving, wood trim repair, light and A / C channel replacement and artwork or repair area play with a complete and comprehensive order.

Fundamental improvements on a wide range of tests, investigations and hardware and pipelines (for example, toilets Oonkulog channels Oonkulog), and light areas, things like corrective, extra lines, vacuum cleaners, and electrical equipment including web equipment, electric switches and shops , And other guest rooms are switches. TV programs and public housekeeping performance and design related share commitments. Use the lock / tagout window before performing a support action Inside and display and also show basic preparations Besi including machine guns outside outer edge improvement of orders, including the contribution of wind calendar processor and input temperature correction.

After all the organization and welfare and safety strategies and methods. Report any maintenance problems, well-being, accidents, or risks of wounds. Finish welfare setting and confirmation and storage of combustible materials appropriately. Uniform’s warranty and personal appearance are perfect and special, living with the privacy of special data, ensure the organization’s resources.

We welcome all visitors according to the organization’s standards, visitor expectations of management and address them, provide help to people with disabilities, and thank visitors for their genuine appreciation. Follow the wishes of quality and quality Create and maintain positive work links with others, raise the group to achieve normal goals and respond properly to the concerns of different representatives.

Talk to others using clear tone and experience Keep things done without weight loss, lifting, moving forward, pushing, compulsion and place, without equal weight or with no heavy weight or help to develop gear. Getting and climbing stairs, utility gains, besides stomping stool, kneeling, twisting, pulling and downhill, getting under the overhead and knees

Enter business data using a computer and search. Meet other appropriate business obligations as requested Marriott Worldwide is an open-door business that focuses on recruiting a diverse workforce and managing a comprehensive culture.

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